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Our mission is to support cities in safeguarding their waterways, residents, and beloved pets.

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Why choose us

Effective Debris Reduction

Our Inlet Guard screens minimize trash in lakes, creeks, and waterways, preserving their beauty and ecological balance.

Promoting a Greener City

Choosing Inlet Guard contributes to creating a greener city by preserving water quality and supporting sustainable practices.

Maintenance Plans

Our ongoing maintenance plans free up valuable time for city management to focus on other priorities.

Enhanced Safety for Citizens & Pets

Our screens create a safer environment, protecting both residents and their beloved animals.

Minimized Potential Lawsuits

Our solutions help cities reduce the risk of legal liabilities by preventing storm drain accidents and related incidents.

Trusted Solution

Inlet Guard is a trusted solution backed by testimonials and real stories of our impact.

Our Product


Ideal screen size stops trash without impeding the flow of water.

Hinged for easy cleanout.


Baskets installed within curb inlets prevent residual debris from entering waterways.


Biodegradable filters protect waterways by absorbing oils.


Affordable maintenance plans continue keeping waterways free from debris.

Did you know?

There are federal and state grants available to cities and organizations looking to fund initiatives combating nonpoint source pollution.

Visit the following link to learn more about how to apply for funding to use Inlet Guard in your city.